LED neon flex light



 RGB LED Neon Flex Light


1) Energy Saving and Environmental Friendly 
2) Compatible with DMX512 RGB Controller 
3) Waterproof IP65 suitable for indoor & outdoor application 
4) High brightness with 5050 SMD LED, Epistar Chips 
5) Completely flexible to bend and make in any wording 
6) More luxurious for building decoration 
7) Unbreakable and durable 
8) Long lifespan



*Full RGB linear color control of up to 16.7 million color
*Consistent and stringent wave length control standards
*New ultra-bright SMD 3-in-1 RGB LED 5050
*White PVC base edge to increase luminosity
*Milky white diffuser
*Same size with LSN single color regular type to
be compatible in some accessory application
*Even & unique mixed colors
*Controlled with 4 wires 3 circuited general controller. It can emit 7 mixed or single colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, White



Item Input Voltage LED Quantity Power Cutting Unit IP Grade Size Length
AC230V LED Neon AC220V-240V 70pcs SMD5050/m 14.4W/m
IP65 W16*H28mm 50m/roll
AC110V LED Neon AC110-120V 70pcs 
14.4W/m 0.5 
IP65 W16*H28mm 50m/roll
DC24V LED Neon DC24V 70pcs 
14.4W/m 0.1 
IP65 W16*H28mm 50m/roll
Product Images:

RGB LED Neon Flex Light For Building Outline


Installation Instruction:

RGB LED Neon Flex Light For Building Outline


RGB LED Neon Flex Light For Building Outline


Installation Notes:

*A Catalog is not a substitute for user manual. The Installation illustrations to the right are for reference only
*Always follow the cut marks provided user manual
*Cut only on the cut marks provided on the fixture housing
*When applying linear solutions to a channel make certain to use an appropriate silicone adhesive between the base of the channel profile and fixture housing to eliminate stretching over time.



Our RGB LED Neon Flex Light is using for OSCARS "THE 84TH ACADEMY AWARDS" on 26th Feb. 2012.


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