LED christmas light
Solar Powered LED String Light




High quality solar LED Christmas Fairy Light 

2.60leds/string,100leds/string,200leds/string ,300leds/string,400leds/string ,500leds/string 
3.Color :Green ,blue ,yellow ,pink ,warm white ,white ,RGB 

Method of Operation: 

1. Connect the control box and the stake. 
2. Drive the stake into the ground and make sure that the solar panel is not sheltered from the sun. 
3. Set the lights on the places you want, like trees, shopwindows, stages, etc. 
4. Tear out the protective film on the solar panel. Press the button ON/OFF to turn it on and it will work normally. You can also change the flash mode through the button MODE. 

Important Information 

1. As the charging effect of the solar panel is depended on the sunlight, the LED light time is affected by weather, seasons, places, etc. 
2. It is charging only when the button is turned ON. 
3. Don't put it in the water for a long time, for it is only designed to be protected from the rain and the humidity. 
4. Don't strike the product, so as not to cause irreversible damage. 
5. The stake is so sharp that you must be careful when using it. And don't let children play with it. 


Structure outline: Roof, window, door, storefront, carport 
Promotion: Signs, safety zones, work benches, lobbies, tradeshow booths 
Exterior lighting: Walkway, desks, patios, boat docks, vehicles 
Interior lighting: Cove lighting, shelving, kitchen counters, staircases, curio cabinets.
50m 500LEDs/String Solar LED Christmas String
Different colors for your option:50m 500LEDs/String Solar LED Christmas String

50m 500LEDs/String Solar LED Christmas String


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