LED demo case
led demo cabinet easy to test and show your led light



                                                                  LED demo cabinet 

Characteristics and Usage:    
1. Complete tes functions:    
it can test LED and traditional lights concurrently with data display about correlation data    
including voltage,current,power,power factor,annual consumption,frequency,etc.    
"The data tells you how energy-saving it is!" The energy-saving effects of LED products will be     
clear at a glance.    
2.Wide applicability:
Demo Case can configure various sockets(E40,E27,E17,E14,E12,MR16,GU10,B22,G24,G9,G4,T8,T5,etc)
and multi-function cable clamps(AC for LED ,DC12V for MR16, G4,etc.).It is suitable for test & display of
various LED lights.
3.Wide voltage rang: AC85V-270V,DC5V-24V
4.Simple operation:
LED demo case is connected with various switches,dimmers,Safety device,wire circuit,etc.
It can be used directly when you connected the power supply and installed the lights.
5.Attractive and durable:
appearance of each case can be individually designed,the materials use MDF in high density 
board and aluminums alloy frames.
the configuration of the display cases have pull rods and rollers,so it's easy for long-distance travelling



1.It has passed the CE and RoHS the authentication small size and lightweight highly portable compact design, best use of space fully functional, high-cost effective, it’s the necessary tool for sales to display product

2.Base identification: all light bases has corresponding carved identification for customers' to recognize them, all light base has one-to-one switch so that it's easy-to-control and test lights

3.Internal circuit: strictly divide into AC and DC, AC base has identified suffix AC/DC base has identified suffix AC

4.Parameter display of AC base: the electric parameter of AC base can be display as these voltage, current, power, power factor, annual electricity consumption (as 10 hours a day to calculate in the software) and frequency

5.Dimming function design: dimmer and its switch, there are 2 positions of dimming switch dimmable and non-dimmable if put it to dimmable then all dimmable lights can be dimmed if put it to non-dimmable, then lights cannot be dimmed this function can be used to check if the light have dimming function

6.Parameter of GU10/E14/E26/E27/MR16 bases can be displayed the base type can be customized according to customers' requirement

7.There are 2 wire clips (one AC output and one 12V DC output) and 1 universal socket (AC output), easy-to-connection and extended function corresponding parameters can be tested maximum power-off DC wire clip is 18W

8.There is a storage box for small object has two sides of base to protect the box body

9.Can use AC to DC transformer to test MR16 power

10.Attention: transformer itself has power consumption as well


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Please be aware that the suitcase is a sales supports tool, not a measurement tool and should not be used for reference measurements



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