LED high bay light
E39/E40 LED high bay light



E39/E40 LED High Bay Light


Technical parameter :

1.power :100w

2.lumen :9600-11500lm

3.color temperature:warm white (3000-3500k),pure white (5000-5500k),cold white (6000-6500k)

4.led chip type :Nichia 3030 led chip

5.base :E39/E40

6.material :aluminium +PC cover

7.input voltage :AC85-265V

8.size :diameter228mm *Height 178mm

9.CIR>82 ,PF>0.95

10.LED  quantity :117pcs


Performance Characteristics



1.Applies constant current LED driver to ensure tubes have same brightness.


2.High power factor: PF >0.95


3.Input voltage: 85-265VAC (50-60Hz)Thermal Grease heat sink provides for optimum heat removal


4.Highquality stable LED chip used in the LED with high brightness, lower degradation, longevity.Consumes less than 60% energy comparing to traditional 250W Halogen Lamps


5.It is environmental protection, none glare, none UV light, none infrared radiation and lower heat. There is no mercury in it to pollute the environment.40000 hours life span Extremely low maintenance costs


6.E39 E40 Base Easy to install. It can take place the incandescent light directly.


7.CE,RoHS PSE Approval.


Quality Warranty  :3 years


1.Quality guarantee is based on storing, installing,operating and maintaining correctly in the normal operation condition;

2.It is not included in our maintaining range when installing inappropriately, breaking the operating rules, and leading to the products damaging;                                                                    

3.Our company will reserve the right to either repair,parts replacing,or products exchange during the quality warranty period.


Safety Note


1.Please do not hit or press it with heavy substance;                          

2.Please Handle and transport gently;                                          

3.Please do not touch and twist Heat sink when power is on;                      

4.Heat sink warm is normal when power is on.


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