LED strip light
12v, 24v LED Flexible Strip (Pink)



 Flexible led strip, Led strip light , SMD Led strip, warterproof flexible led stip , Led flexible lighting,RGB led strip light is  low power consumption and high intensity.


 LED Strip Light



1.LED color: Red ,Blue,Green,Yellowpinkpurple, White,Warm White, RGB;
RGB color changing available
2.PCB color: white ,brown,black
3.PCB Width: 5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,20mm,28mm
4.Super bright 3528,5050 SMD LEDS
5.Coloer temperature: white and warm white,2400k,2700k,3500k,
5000k,6000k,7000k,8000k,9000k,12000k is available.
6.Strip connector: white, transparent, black,water-proof ,non-water-proof,cable
7.Waterproof: IP66-IP68
8.Accessories: glue, clip, male/female connectors,controller, wireless controller, 
amplifier,dimmer, Wireless dimmer
9.Operationg temperature: -20 - 60C



1.Long life span of 50000 hours 
2.Low in heat radiation and power consumption
3.Easy to install.It can be cut into size by each 3LED(12V model) intervals at marking points (by 
electricians) and rejoined by soldering (or connector) at marked soldering points .
4.Continuous length of flexible LED light strips.
5.Solid-state, high vibration resistant SMD chips.
6.Brightness. It is twice as bright as LED Rope Lighting.





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