LED tube
White T8 LED Tube



  LED T8 Tube Light

* LED 8W equal conventional Fluorescent 20W

* LED 15W equal conventional Fluorescent 40W

* LED 25W equal conventional Fluorescent 60W

* 80% energy saving than normal fluorescent tube








The conventional fluorescent lamp contains lots of mercury steam. If the lamp was broken, mercury steam will be volatized to the atmosphere, But LED fluorescent lamp does not use mercury, and the LED products also do not contain lead, playing an environmental protection role.

B.Seldom heat generation

Conventional lamp generate lots of heat while LED lamp can converts all the elect energy into light and have no side-effect to the documents and clothes .

C.No ballast or starter

The LED lamp can be directly connected to power, needing no ballast or starter, replacement for conventional fluorescent lamps.

D.Power-saving and long life

The power consumption of LED fluorescent is 1/3 less than that of the conventional lamp. Lifespan is also 10 times(50000h) than the conventional lamp .Can be used for long time and do not need to replace, which can cut down cost. It is more suitable to difficult change occasions.


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