LED strip light
Lumiere de bande LED Flexible



 Lumiere de bande LED Flexible


General information


LED Flexible strip works at low voltage(12 volt or 24 volt), Super bright SMD LED mounted on flexible PCB . It is widely used for architectural lighting , back lighting ,sign letter lighting , concealed lighting, perimeter lighting and many other applications.

We have single color of red, green,yellow, amber,orange,blue, pink,purple,white and warm white. Besides, a few kinds of RGB strips are available as well as controllers .

LED Flexible Strip Lighting is available with a clip and self-adhere 3M tape for easy installation. Typically it is twice as bright as LED Rope Lighting. It can be cut into size by each 3LED(12V model) intervals at marking points (by electricians) and rejoined by soldering (or connector) at marked soldering points .

Our Flexible strips get reputation of strong ,good color repeation, full series. We are very pround of that more than 5 million meter works all over the world till today .




Border of perimeter lighting

Architectural decorative lighting

Back lighting

Used indoor and outdoor

Used in highlight areas

Concealed lighting

Cover and under cabinet lighting

Channel letter light

Lighting tube


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