LED panel light
super thickness Led light panel



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Energy saving up to 50% even lighting output.

Wide range of input voltage: AC 100~240V.

Instant start, no flicking, no humming.

New high efficiency constant current driver.

Special circuit design, each group of LEDs work separately, avoiding any problem of lighting

output caused or influenced by single faulty LED.

No RF interference.


LED Panel 600X600 Specifications

Input voltage AC 100~240V
Panel Input voltage DC 55~70V (700 mA)
LED Quantity 700 pcs (3528 chip)
Power consumption 41.65W
color White
Warm white
luminous flux 3360lm (white)
2800lm (warm white)
color temperature 4000~7000k(White)
2500~4000k(Warm white)
Life time >50,000 Hour
Operating temperature -20ºC to + 50ºC
Storage temperature -30ºC to + 60ºC
Luminosity >975 Lux (1.meter, White)
>850 Lux (1.meter, Warm white)
Weight 4.16 KGS
Size 595X595X10.4 mm
Certificates CE & RoHS
Water proof IP20



This product is simple and convenient installation.The client may be more reasonable application of the product to fit the scenic spot.


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