LED demo case
mini led demo case with digital meter



 Mini LED demo case



If this LED DEMO CASE does not meet your requirements,You can contact us at any time,We can be customized according to your requirements.



1. Complete test functions:

it can test LED and traditional lights concurrently with data display about correlation data including voltage,current,power,power factor,annual consumption,frequency,etc."The data tells you how energy-saving it is!" The energy-saving effects of LED products will be clear at a glance.


2.Wide applicability:

Demo Case can configure various sockets(E40,E27,E17,E14,E12,MR16,GU10,B22,G24,G9,G4,T8,T5,etc) and multi-function cable clamps(AC for LED ,DC12V


3.Wide voltage rang: AC85V-270V,DC5V-24V


4.Simple operation:

LED demo case is connected with various switches,dimmers,Safety device,wire circuit,etc.It supply and installed the lights.


5.Attractive and durable:

appearance of each case can be individually designed,the materials use MDF in high density 6.Portable: 

the configuration of the display cases have pull rods and rollers,so it's easy for long-distance travelling


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