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The 8th Anniversary of Shenzhen Enrich Lighting Co., Ltd
Author: Darren Chow    Date: 2015-6-2

2015, this year will definitely be a BIG year for Enrich Lighting Company. Because, it is the 8th anniversary of Shenzhen Enrich Lighting Co., Ltd. Hooray!


We are celebrating the 8th anniversary with excitement, joy, laughter, tears, and proud. Everybody raised up their hands and applauded to both the company and themselves. To appreciate the years that has been going through with Enrich Lighting together.


In these unusual years, the number of hardship, how many have experienced, how many dreams, how much glory there is, bearing in mind the hearts of we Enrich Lighting people, written into the history of our company...


Here as below we would like to deliver many THANKS to the people who has been with us all these years:


Thank all the Clients from every corner of the world. Without your constant cooperation, and support... we could have not been here today.


Thank all the Members in Enrich Lighting Company. With your consistently unselfish giving and sharing, love and encouragement... We could go up this high.


And the thanks goes on and on...


We firmly believe that the great experiences of the Enrich Lighting Company on the journey is bound to occur one after another glorious years! The rise of the Enrich Lighting Company will surely make the world a better&greener place to live!


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